I help women heal from past traumas, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse, find their identity in Christ and uncover their God-given purpose.

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Frustrated being single or need encouragement as you pursue your dreams and goals. Check out one of my books to give you just the boost of encouragement and inspiration you need to find your happiness and keep going.


Life Coaching

You have the degree. You have a good job! But you still are not happy! There is a burning on the inside for something greater, a voice that you can not ignore. However you are having difficulty pulling it all together. Are you ready to push yourself to go deeper, tackle your fears and unleash the dream that you know is ready to come out?



Life happens and we never really know how it affects us until we look back and notice a string of poor or failed relationships, broken family bonds, the inability to find or keep employment, underemployment or an overall sense that "I should be doing more." Are you ready to get to the root of your issues and find your happiness?

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Are You Ready?

A book not written is a story untold and a life unchanged!


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Having a hard time being a Christian single and dating? I teamed up with fellow empowerment speaker Natalie Louis, founder of Release The Queen in You and we did our own rendition of Relationship Goals. Check out the videos on my youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe.

I wanted to wear clothing that was as bold, fearless and unique as the purpose I was assigned. 2017 birthed the IndiWrites Collection.