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I help women who have been trapped in their past gain freedom, heal, and uncover their identity and purpose in Christ through biblical teaching, transformational coaching, and motivational writing.

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Sometimes we need a little assistance getting back up. Sometimes we need help remembering that greatness is inside of us. Are you ready to challenge your thinking, examine your motives and do the work to become the best you NOW!



You have the degree. You have a good job! But you still are not happy! There is a burning on the inside for something greater, a voice that you can not ignore. However you are having difficulty pulling it all together. Are you ready to push yourself to go deeper, tackle your fears and unleash the dream that you know is ready to come out?



Are you single but having trouble figuring out what to do while you wait? Or perhaps you are in pursuit of purpose, whether married or single, and have gotten weary in well-doing and need a little motivation to keep going? Through my books I encourage and inspire women to take control of their lives and pursue the abundant life available to them NOW.