Are you ready to end the frustration?

Frustration is a result of trying to do on your own what only God can do!

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Life?

Awaken the Dream Coaching Program

Investment of $299 per month



This three-month coaching program is for the woman who is sick and tired of struggle and ready to make a drastic change to ensure that the next month, year, etc is better than the last. The purpose of this program is to discover your God-given purpose and learn to take a proactive approach to accomplish your goals. This program is great for women who have endured great trauma and trials preventing them from becoming the best person God created her to be. This three month journey will include:


Month One

  • Personal assessment of your four life quadrants (faith, family, work, and social)
  • Identify past issues, current obstacles and barriers to obtaining your goals

Month Two

  • Examine current support system and Identify additional resources to assist with barriers
  • Identify skills, educational background, and time management to help client visualize success and clarify short term and long term goals

Month Three

  • Devise a preliminary plan to turn dreams into reality, set up necessary systems
  • Implement a step-by-step outline to accomplish goals with deadlines and a system of rewards

Includes two 90-minute (bi-monthly) conference calls per month and access to personal email for questions and concerns.


Are you ready to write your story, but don't know where to begin?

90-Day Book Coaching Program is for You

Write & Self-Publish Your Book in 90-Days

$697 Investment (Payment plans available)


This book coaching program is for the person who is struggling to get the book out his/her head and onto the paper or computer screen. Perhaps you have taken the Write Start Workshop, had your one-on-one Book Writing Strategy session or just continue to battle your fears or lack motivation to write your story. Coaching is for you! This program is perfect for the indie writer who needs an accountability partner to help you end procrastination, embrace your abilities, guide you through the writing process and accept the call of the Lord to share your testimony with the world.

This 90-day program will include: 

  • Access to private Group
  • Weekly writing tips and challenges
  • Weekly group-chat sessions to discuss progress and address questions
  • Weekly review of your chapters with encouragement and feedback
  • Weekly videos and/or webinars to address writing process and publishing steps
  • Step-by-Step guidance through the publishing process when you are ready


Only 10 spots available!

Ready to sign up but need a payment plan? Well sign up now $250 down and 2 payments of $225 each. 

(Must have paid at least 2 payments before start date)

**Be sure to check your email, after payment. You will be sent a code to register for the class and be added to the roster.