Are you finding it difficult to understand the things God has allowed to transpire in your life? Do you find yourself asking why me or God, where are you? Do you have a hard time imagining the good that will come from the rape, molestation, domestic violence, poverty, bad relationships, death of loved ones, abandonment and/or rejection? You know that all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed but still find it hard to Faith It through!


Finding Faith was written for you! In this walk down memory lane, Indiana reveals the lessons she uncovered through the many storms that seemed to plague her life but now provide a source of strength and foundation for her relationship with God. In this inspirational and motivational exchange learn how she learned to ask why not me instead of why me and how the pain turned into purpose. Most importantly discover how faith is not about perfectly weathering the storm but about standing on the perfect word of God despite the storm.





What’s holding you back from making your dreams a reality? Is it your past, limited education, family obligations, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, fear, time, money, or lack of support from others? Or perhaps you started but then the storm came, accusation aroused, friends and loved ones turned their backs and your life slowly spiraled out of control! Regardless of your current state, it’s difficult to remember that you were created for greatness, that there is a miraculous calling on your life, that all things will work together for your good or that the storm won’t last always. Indiana knows what you are going through, and has provided just the dose of inspiration to get you moving.  
Awaken the Dream, filled with 90-days of encouragement, serves as a reminder of God’s everlasting love for you and His plan for greatness for your life. With daily prayers and ‘Reflections and Reaction’ exercises, each devotional is intended to motivate you to continue to stand on the promises of God while helping you to examine yourself and live a life holy and presentable unto Him representing Christ in all your endeavors.  
The beauty of "Awaken the Dream" is that it is numbered rather than dated, therefore you can mark your favorite devotional and pick it up whenever you need a dose of encouragement or kick in the butt to stay the course.

I was looking for a daily devotional book when I stumbled across this one. I love the cover and decided to give it a chance. I must say, it exceeded expectations. It’s an easy to follow 90-day devotional book with insights and prayers to help guide daily meditation and reflection. I would highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with the confidence to pursue the best out of life.
— @moviefan4life, March 17, 2017

Saved, Single & Frustrated


Are you still single? Are you confused and frustrated trying to figure out what to do while you wait. As a Christian are you tired of looking to popular opinion, magazines, and worldview as to how to find or attract a spouse? Have you ever wondered what would God say? Are you secretly complaining that the church refuses to discuss the real issues singles have? Are you ready to hear the truth? In this keeping it real guide, learn how to:

  • Release the frustration

  • Recognize your worth

  • Break soul-ties

  • Set standards in dating

  • Deal with the loneliness

  • Examine your issues

  • Examine why you want to be married

  • Prepare for marriage God’s way

  • Pray for your future husband

  • Develop a closer relationship with God



Even after five-plus years of celibacy and “living holy” unto the Lord. I was still single, still frustrated, and still did not understand why the wait was so long. Truth is my past encounters with love were dysfunctional and I needed to be reprogrammed. God taught me that the wait is not as important as what you do while you wait. Complaining, jumping in and out of unhealthy relationships, and asking everyone you know to help you find a mate is not what God intended. I was going around the same mountain. I needed to not only learn how to wait but how to trust God in the wait.

Chapter 4 really grabbed my attention because it talked about setting standards and sticking to them. I believe that’s where a lot of people mess up. When they don’t set boundaries/standards. That chapter also talked about stop trying to turn Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right. I believe that is something that all women need to read and get a clear understanding. Yes, sometimes we want to turn a bad seed into a beautiful flower with love and nurturing. But sometimes we need to really open up our eyes to understand we can’t save everyone. Great book, great read.
— KStevenson, Feb 24, 2017

Stop Asking Why Are You Single



Do you question why you are single? Does not having a relationship prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest? Are you ready to uncover the inner battles and barriers preventing you from obtaining the abundant life God promised you in this season. In this Faith-filled guide learn how to:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and be grateful for what God has already done in your life

  • Recognize what hinders your praise and the importance of praise

  • Forgive, let go of the past and recognize your worth

  • Relinquish your wants and submit to the will of God

  • Discover the tricks the enemy uses to discourage you from discovering your purpose

  • Recognize true happiness is in your identity in Christ

  • Live in the moment and acknowledge God’s presence in your life

  • Enjoy who you are and where you are with God

Currently single and celibate for over 5 years, I understand the impatience and frustration one can experience when desiring a mate yet having to wait. I was unhappy and my misery affected not only my career but everyone around me. “Not now” was not the answer I was expecting when questioning my singleness to God. But what I uncovered was issues of low self-esteem, anger, and un-forgiveness stemming from unresolved issues of sexual molestation, unhealthy relationships, and domestic violence. Allowing God to heal me, opened my eyes to the true beauty of singleness.

Great BOOK! Feels good that others understand what you’re going through! Easy to follow along! Love that the book reference the Bible! If you need some encouragement, on being single and saved this book is for you!
— Melanie Jones