Do you have a book inside you, screaming to come out?

Are you ready to not only change your life but impact the world?
How much longer will you sit on what God has done for you?

My testimony has turned into 3 books and counting. Through Victory Publishing Co, I teach aspiring writers how to turn their testimony into books for God's glory!


I went to the webinar seeking information on Self-publishing, however I felt I already knew which way I should go. After attending I had a complete change of mind. I needed the teaching more than I could imagine. I would’ve invest in a publishing company. After further review of that company, I would’ve lost more than I would’ve gained. The workshop was very informative. It was God sent. I now realize It will be easier if I invest in myself. Self-publishing is a better route for me. This is the best $25 I ever spent. Whatever she promotes you will be satisfied.”
— Dana Willams, Mar 2018

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Register for a Write Start Webinar

Every Monday Night in June 2018 7:00pm!

Only $25

This is an informational webinar/course to help answer questions you may have regarding writing, marketing and publishing your book.  Your registration includes access to the replay as well and download of the ebook, "Off to a Write Start" which gives step by step instructions to writing your book. (a $15 value)

I was drawn to this course because I desired to gain tools, tips, and resources on continuing on my writing journey. My expectations were to learn new aspects of both writing and publishing. I was looking forward to this course, as I had missed the event in Memphis. I had been looking forward to it for months! After completing this course I feel wonderful, motivated, and thrilled to now have additional tools in my “toolbelt” for writing and publishing. I feel more confident that I do have something to offer and that God has called me to write and serve others in this way. I feel excited to share what God has put inside of me!
In this course, I learned the importance of really knowing your audience and ways to research and gain an understanding of where they are and where they want to be - as well as how to interact with my audience on social media. I learned A LOT about self-publishing - the benefits, the specific strategies of finishing the book (editing, book cover) as well as the steps necessary for self-publishing and how to make the book available on a variety of platforms.
I would advise others to strongly consider hiring Indiana as a speaker or trainer. She carries professionalism, valuable resources and experience, anointing, vibrancy, encouragement, and valuable insight for the writer’s journey.
I would like to thank you for allowing me to participate in this online webinar, it was valuable and will help launch me into what the Lord is inviting me into.
You have a gift to EMPOWER others! I pray that God continues to BLESS your journey. Thank you!
— Heather McMahan, June 2018

Do you have a group at your church or organization interested in writing a book? 

Host a class! Invite Indiana to come out and teach in your space. Group rate is $300/class for up to 20 students.

(Write Start Webinar only)

(Each student will still receive a free digital download of the Ebook)

I know that there are books in me that I have to write, but I didn’t know really where to start. I was hoping to get insight on how to get started and the best method for publishing. Before this workshop I was very excited and opened to gleen all the information I could.
After attending the workshop I feel great and ready to start my writing journey. What I took away was that I need to be opened to being led by Holy Spirit even in the writing process and do what I have to do to protect my voice.
Please do not hesitate to consider Indiana as a speaker or to take her course. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely transparent. You will definitely not be disappointed.
— Christie Woods, Mar 2018