Are you ready to birth your book?

A story untold is a life unchanged!

Are You Ready to Tell the World What God has Done?

Our services are designed to help you every step of the way and fit your desired budget. We promise to take you by the hand and won't let go until your book is published!



1:1 Write With Me Coaching Program

Our coaching programs is for the aspiring writer who is

1. Just getting started but need some assistance in overcoming the fear and doubt of releasing their story


2. Have already started, but just need some direction and tips to give them that extra push to complete their manuscript

What you get:

  • Initial clarity session to clarify your topic, identify the problem you solve and your purpose for writing

  • Book Writing Strategy Session to help you outline your book and/or review your beginning chapters (if you have already started writing)

  • Guidance on crafting your story and writing out your chapters

  • Weekly Video sessions to discuss writing issues, and provide critique and feedback of writing

  • Written review and feedback of your book as you write

  • Access to writing and audio courses in Writing Center

  • Access to directory of editors and graphic designers

  • Enrollment in Self-Publishing 101 plus Ebook and Checklist for guidance on preparing your book for publishing and placement on Amazon

1 mth - $499 (4 sessions), 3-mth $1299 (12 sessions), 6-mth $2499 (24 sessions)


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Write Starter Coaching & Accountability Program (C.A.P)


This coaching program is for the writer who recognizes they need a little guidance along the way but is on a budget.

You get some of the same features as the above 1:1 program but on a reduced scale to fit your budget

What You Get

  • Initial Book Writing Strategy session to clarify your topic and outline your book (if you are just starting) OR review & critique of your first chapters (if you have already started) to establish next steps

  • Develop a writing schedule to fit your schedule

  • Bi-Weekly written review of your writing as you go (via App)

  • 1 Live Video Motivational session per month (via App) to answer questions, discuss writing issues, clarify previous feedback given, and motivation to keep going

  • Access to 1 course per month in Writing Center

(All Coaching is done via Coaching App, writing is uploaded according to set schedule and written feedback is provided within 72-hours, client schedules monthly call)

Jump-Start Sesion1 (3).png

JumpStart Session

$97 investment

Perhaps you started writing a while ago and are struggling to pick the pen back up. You know your subject matter, but just need tips to re-ignite the writer in you. Schedule this 30-min session obtain tips to:

  • End the procrastination and/or writers block

  • Get advice on crafting your story for maximum impact

  • Gain confidence in your abilities

Book Writing Strategy Session

$297 investment

This 90-min session is for the writer with a story to tell but no clue how or where to start! In this jam packed session, Indiana will help you:

  • Identify your reader

  • Develop your outline for your entire book

  • Identify methods to craft your story

Or perhaps you have started writing and need a second set of eyes to review what you have written, provide feedback on your writing and give you tips on the next steps. Schedule a session, click review in the questionnaire and submit your partial manuscript. (must be less than 15,000 words).

(Please allow 3-5 business days for your work to be reviewed)

Manuscript Review & Critique.png

Manuscript Review & Critique

$599 Investment

Have you completed your manuscript, but need a fresh set of eyes to review it before you hand it off to the editor or publisher? This review and critique with a twist is just for you. Rather that you uploading your manuscript and we send it back with red marks and suggestions. We want to sit down with you and help you create a book you will be proud to show off to your friends and family as well as market it to strangers worldwide. In this 3-step, one month process we will assist you with turning your Book Baby into a masterpiece. 

What you get:

1. Initial 30-min Clarity session to discuss the purpose and intent of your book, outlining your expectations and identifying your target audience

2. Session 2 (90-min) Review and Critique what you have written, with advice on next steps and suggestions for improvement

3. Session 3 (90-min) Go over the changes made, outline steps for completion and discuss a marketing strategy to get your book in front of readers

**Manuscript must be 40K words or less and of the Christian fiction/non-fiction genre only, all others will be refused**

Host a Class (3).png

Host a Class!

Have members of your church or organization interested in Writing and/or Self Publishing a book?

Hire Indiana to come out and teach a class!

You supply the students. I bring the snacks, material, and knowledge!

The following courses in our Writing Center can be taught live:

  • Write Start 101 - An introduction to writing marketing and publishing your book

  • Self-Publishing 101 - The ins and out of self-publishing and exactly how much it costs