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Saved,Single & Frustrated

Are you still single? Are you confused and frustrated trying to figure out what to do while you wait. As a Christian are you tired of looking to popular opinion, magazines, and worldview as to how to find or attract a spouse? Have you ever wondered what would God say? Are you secretly complaining that the church refuses to discuss the real issues singles have? Are you ready to hear the truth? In this keeping it real guide, learn how to:

  • Release the frustration

  • Recognize your worth

  • Break soul-ties

  • Set standards in dating

  • Deal with the loneliness

  • Examine your issues

  • Examine why you want to be married

  • Prepare for marriage God’s way

  • Pray for your future husband

  • Develop a closer relationship with God


Even after five-plus years of celibacy and “living holy” unto the Lord. I was still single, still frustrated, and still did not understand why the wait was so long. Truth is my past encounters with love were dysfunctional and I needed to be reprogrammed. God taught me that the wait is not as important as what you do while you wait. Complaining, jumping in and out of unhealthy relationships, and asking everyone you know to help you find a mate is not what God intended. I was going around the same mountain. I needed to not only learn how to wait but how to trust God in the wait.

Chapter 4 really grabbed my attention because it talked about setting standards and sticking to them. I believe that’s where a lot of people mess up. When they don’t set boundaries/standards. That chapter also talked about stop trying to turn Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right. I believe that is something that all women need to read and get a clear understanding. Yes, sometimes we want to turn a bad seed into a beautiful flower with love and nurturing. But sometimes we need to really open up our eyes to understand we can’t save everyone. Great book, great read.
— KStevenson
Very insightful book about how to properly deal with your single season! My favorite part was the chapter that detailed coming up with a list for your spouse.
— Adriana S.