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Pursuit of Purpose is a weekly empowerment broadcast dedicated to sharing the testimony of women who have overcome sexual abuse, domestic violence, low self-esteem etc and now live a Faith-filled life of Purpose, Passion, and Possibilities!

We not only survived but we are THRIVING!

Catch us live on Facebook, Thursday's at 7pm CST! (Replay available below and on YouTube)

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What can I say about Indiana Tuggle and Pursuit of Purpose? Life-changing. Transformational. Impactful. Authentic. I enjoy the Pursuit of Purpose live program. Indiana’s personality and desire to help others comes shining through. She is so real that she helped me feel comfortable doing my first livestream interview. Although I was being interviewed she offered truths that had me taking notes! Keep up the good work Indiana. I look forward to you writing more books and taking your message to the street with professional speaking!
— Lisa Lewis Ellis


Meet our Past Guests

Our stories are different, but the God who saved us is still the same! Through faith and the determination to keep going we overcame! God brought us out and it is our purpose to help others do the same. Our healing process took on different forms, but we all had to face our pasts and forgive in order to allow God to use our pain for purpose! 

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