Divine Connections – Building Professional Relationships

As we prepare to enter a New Year we also enter into a new outlook and a new perspective of our core relationships. We are hopeful of new beginnings and mindful of past issues that caused us to lose focus. But with all those around us proclaiming to be new, starting again, leaving the old behind, better at this and better at that how will we know who to trust in our personal journey toward purpose.

First, we need vision.  What do you want out of this year, the next five years, and/or life in general? What does it look like? What are you doing? Who are you helping? Where are you going? Vision simplifies life. Please note that vision comes from God. Stress comes from not knowing what to do.

“Once you know where you going, you know what won’t take you there and who won’t take you there.” (Myles Munroe)

Next, we need to check our motives. Are you motivated by money, power, or material possessions? Or do you place more value on legacy, making a difference and helping others? Like spirits attract. A person attracted to money and possessions will generally gravitate towards get rich quick schemes or business endeavors. He/She will have a short attention span, if it doesn't work in a certain amount of time, they will move on or look for the next big thing. A person who values legacy and helping others, on the other hand, will have more patience and take time to build.

Once we have a vision and know what motivates us we can begin to pray for, look for and attract those connections that are vital to our growth and success. In business relationships, do not make the mistake that every connection will be for a lifetime. As with friendships, some connections are seasonal and only meant to take you to specific places along your journey. There are three types of divine connections:

1.  Motivator – These are those who speak to the person you want to become. They are not only your biggest cheerleader but also a thorn in your side! They will push you, kicking and screaming into your destiny. They inspire you to become greater and always push you outside your comfort zone. They can either be knowledgeable of the goals you are trying to reach or just someone who believes in you and loves you unconditionally. This person can also be your spiritual advisor, especially if faith is a motivating factor.

2. Investor – These are those who supply a specific need. Whether it be money or a service, they have what you need to get to the next level. They have what you are missing or are unable to do/obtain on your own AND are drawn to not only your gifts and talents but also have like motives. Careful not to confuse an investor with a potential business partner. An investor chooses to spend his/her time and resources wisely on people with character and integrity but they may not have an interest in your complete vision. An investor invests in the person while a business partner is looking for a role in the business as well. Remember also an investor creates win-win situations. Once they have helped you, you will sing his/her praises thus drawing them more business.

3.  Mentor – These are those who have been where you are trying to go and got there on a path you admire.  They value what you value. For example, if you are a person of faith, your mentor should live by biblical principles. If you value integrity, they should practice honesty and fairness in all their doings. The key to finding a mentor is knowing not only what you value but what that trait looks like in action.

1 Corinthians 15:33 reminds us that bad company corrupts good character. Allow the Lord to be your guide in all your doings. Pray for discernment and acknowledge Him in all you do. Choosing the right people is not only the key to your success but necessary for a stress-free journey. Remember that if you pray for divine connections and who you need has not come, then God is telling you that what you need at this time is in Him. Be patient He will give you what and who you need at the appropriate time.