5 Reasons why a Break after the Break-Up is a good idea

 Many believe the best way to get over an old boo is with a new boo. In certain situations, such as dating for fun, this may be appropriate. But for the mature women or the mature man, it is greatly recommended to take a break after the break-up. Here are 5 reasons why that break is a great idea.

1. Time to reflect on the relationship. Regardless of who initiated the break-up or who threw the straw that broke the camel’s back, it takes two to tango and it takes two to destroy a relationship. Reflect on the relationship: mistakes as well as good times and how they were communicated, try to gain a deeper perspective from the other person’s point of view. Regardless of our age, each relationship should help us grow and make us better if not for ourselves for the next person.

2. Time to heal the broken heart. Baggage and a bad attitude are not magnets for the next man or woman of your dreams. If it still angers you to think about him/her then you have not completely healed. Take time to deal with the issues that sparked the breakup. Focus on you, not what the person did or did not do. Don’t make the new boo, pay for the mistakes of the old boo.

3. Discover your needs and wants for the next relationship. Nothing like a bad relationship to help you realize what you don’t want. Also maybe it wasn’t a bad break-up, take the good and apply it to the requirements for the new one. Plus once you realize what you want, it helps you weed out what you don’t want.

4. Discover who you are. Sometimes a relationship can be draining. One can quickly lose him or herself in trying to ensure the other person is happy. Get back to those dreams and goals you put to the side as a sacrifice for love. Revisit those good habits that you felt you had to let go in the spirit of compromise.

5. Rebuild strained relationships. For the sake of love many people stop spending time with friends and family. Some people feel their mate should become their best friend forsaking all others. However healthy relationships require balance, getting rid of people that have been significant in your life, especially when they have done nothing wrong is not a good sacrifice to make.