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The Art of Transparency Tour - Memphis, TN


The Letter, From the Invisible Daughter.... Bringing you The Art of Transparency, Living in MY Truth.... The Book Signing, Testimonial Event..... I will bring real life situations to the forefront and ways to cope with them... This is the REAL Experience Workshop!!!

So many of us have such a hard time with true happiness.... Often times it is due to not having and cultivating the most important relationship that there is to have..... The one with ourselves... We are not able to be REAL and Transparent with the person in the mirror...
When you are feeling depressed, lonely, unhappy, tired, depleted its mainly because you have given all of you to everything and everybody else BUT you...

Come out and hear how I Live In MY Truth...... So many testimonies so much transparency.... Its going to be amazing...


Crowne Plaza Memphis Downtown

300 North 2nd Street

Memphis, TN 38105

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