The love I knew and saw beat my mother, molested me, bullied me, incarcerated my brother, addicted my mother to drugs and alcohol, used me, abused me, and left me with a trail of shame, regret and unworthiness. The love I knew was a liar and did more harm than good. I needed to be reprogrammed. I needed to be healed. 
— Indiana Tuggle
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 Write 2 Heal

This 6-week group program is designed for the woman who is dealing with the traumatic effects of molestation, rape, domestic violence, low self-esteem, and unhealthy relationships and is ready to confront her past and begin the healing process necessary to finally walk in freedom and her God-given purpose. 

What does this freedom look like? In one word “BETTER”

  • Better Relationship with God: What happened to you was not supposed to be a death sentence, let God turn it around for your good

  • Better Relationships: Wholeness attracts better quality in both romantic and platonic relationships

  • Better Career: No longer settle for less than you deserve, your dreams are available and accessible

  • Better Sense of Self and Identity: when you know who and whose you are you are more confident to tackle the world

Each week you will be challenged to not only journal through the pain but take action steps to facilitate healing. Each module is designed to challenge your thought process and take responsibility for your healing.

Learn how to:

1. Identify the hurt—Do you need healing?

2. Break the silence— Acknowledging your feelings

3. Release the blame—Forgiving yourself & others

4. Conquer the isolation (God is With You) - Establishing a better relationship with God

5. Walk in Freedom - Continuing the Healing Process

6. Find Purpose in the Pain—Recognize others need your help

Lessons include:

  • Guided Prayers

  • Weekly video with writing prompts and challenges

  • Weekly group discussions, when needed (live conference calls)

  • Ongoing group support after completion of program through private group.

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Write Starter 101

Is there a story burning inside you? Is your testimony too good to keep it to your self? Ready to pick up your pen and run but you don't know where to begin? In this power packed course. Learn the basics of:

  • How to find your reader

  • Crafting your story

  • What to expect when becoming an author

  • Building your author platform and marketing your book

  • Navigating the self-publishing industry

  • what you need to self-publish your book

Course includes: Before you Write - 5 things you must consider before you write.

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As a Christian Writer your calling to write a book is about more than money, it is about inspiring others to heal, grow spiritually and encounter God like never before.

We are excited about your book and we want you to have access to all the resources and support you need to write, market and publish your masterpiece.

In our writing center you will find courses designed to answer many questions you will have before, during and after the launch of your book, such as:

  • How to get started?

  • How to craft your story?

  • How to outline your book?

  • How to connect with your readers?

  • How to find editors?

  • How to self-publish and how much does it cost?

  • And more

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Host a Class!

Have members of your church or organization interested in Writing and/or Self Publishing a book?

Hire Indiana to come out and teach a class!

You supply the students. I bring the snacks, material, and knowledge!

The following courses in our Writing Center can be taught live:

  • Write Start 101 - An introduction to writing marketing and publishing your book

  • Self-Publishing 101 - The ins and out of self-publishing and exactly how much it costs